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Summertime is perfect for pool parties, camping trips, and BBQs. A great way to add some fun is with Cornhole and ladder ball games made out of 80/20. These are quick and easy to build and can be customized.

Customize it!

Use a colored panel or have a logo or symbol etched into the panel to make yours unique! The panels are also easily replaceable or switched out when you're ready for a new color or design.

An 80/20 panel creates a smooth surface that won't snag or crack. Save time and steps; no sanding, painting or lacquer needed!

How to Build Cornhole 

Step 1: Assemble the stand

Connect the stand legs to the crossbar with anchor fasteners. Slide pivot assembly on one end of each leg with pivot arm on the outside of profiles. 



Step 2: Start the frame at the back

Slide the back bar of the frame onto the stand. Connect the side profiles of the frame to the back bar.



Step 3: Add support, finish frame

Install the center support bar in the middle of the frame. Add the last bar to the frame. 

Step 4: Install panel, finish with end caps

Preload the bolts and T-nuts into the countersinks of the panel and slide onto the top of the frame. Add the end caps for the finishing touch.




Envisioning a similar setup? Explore your possibilities by arranging an online consultation here or, for a hands-on experience, schedule an in-person meeting at our showroom in Abbotsford, BC here. Feel free to share your design concepts with us at sales@rmmc.net or reach out via phone at 604-607-6443. We're eager to assist you!

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